How Does a Strategy Session Work?

After booking your strategy session you'll receive a link to fill in a business questionnaire which will be used in our upcoming session. It saves time getting the answers beforehand so we can jump right into solving any issues that have been challenging for you.

During the 90 minutes of your strategy session we'll go through what the goals are for your business (the ideal state of your business, your daily routine etc) and then assess where your business is right now. Then make a plan to join the two.

After the call you'll receive a recording of the session to refer back to at any time.

Who Gets the Most Out of a Strategy Session?

This is perfect for business owners who know their business isn't working as efficiently and effectively as it could be, but aren't sure HOW to make the necessary changes OR they just don't have the time to implement the changes.

What Happens After?

After the strategy session you may be offered the option to join our LEAP Program. There is no obligation to do so. The action plan created during our session may be all you require.

How to Book a Strategy Session

Unfortunately, at the moment we aren't offering strategy sessions.