About Internet Growth Systems

Do you feel like you’re constantly hiring new independent contractors or agencies to help with all the different elements to your online business?

You’re not alone.

With SO many moving parts to running an online business, many of which are outside your zone of genius, it’s no wonder you are looking for a better solution.

One you can trust.

How many times have you hired an outside contractor only to realize later on that it was the wrong move. You’d got ahead of yourself and you should have hired a different contractor for another part of your business instead. Grumbling that the original contractor should have made you aware of that in the first place before you wasted thousands of dollars and your valuable time.

But maybe they didn’t know.

With so many moving parts, how is anyone supposed to keep up?

It’s NOT your fault any more than it’s theirs.

Needing to find the ‘missing piece’ for my own consultancy business drove me for years to master one online skill after another. First it was Joomla (content management system) then I moved to WordPress. Next, it was traffic so in came social media, seo and paid traffic.

The more I learned, the more I understood how each part fitted in with each other.

Soon a pattern for priority began to appear as I grew not only my business, but clients too.

Within our team we’ve gained a wide range of skills within web development and digital marketing over the last twenty years and then focused those skills on supporting our growing number of clients just like YOU!

I’m Lesley Christie, owner of Internet Growth Systems, with the ‘systems’ well and truly taking front and centre.

When a new client comes to us asking for any package or service we make sure they have their fundamentals in place FIRST.

You will begin to understand how to build your business with confidence.

You will discover what’s missing and how to fill that void.

We offer evergreen strategies THEN bring in the tactics.

What if your business became fun again?

What if your business brought in more income for less of your time?

What if you could have the business you’ve only seen others achieve?

Lesley Christie

When our clients succeed, we succeed too!

It’s not about just making money together; it’s about helping you achieve your dreams and goals while having fun doing what we love most and creating something we are both proud of!

Discover how we can work together to make YOUR dreams a reality by booking a FREE 20 minute session with me below:


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